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We are seasoned business professionals who combine strategic acumen with psychological perspectives.

Based on the specific needs and locations of our clients, we assemble a dedicated team with the required skill set and fit in values and culture.

We collaborate closely with your team and are happy to team-up with other external consultants who are open to doing the same.

“During my 25-year career as business consultant, coach, and executive in leading consulting firms, I have become painfully aware of the challenges of realizing strategies successfully. I have witnessed first-hand the ineffectiveness of many organizations and their inability to execute even the most well  thought out strategies.

With so many consulting firms out there, so much literature published on the subject and all the best practices available, why do most strategies still fail?

I strongly believe that values, beliefs, and emotions have a proven impact on human motivation and thus influence our focus, decisions, and actions. Yet these elements are often neglected in the professional world, thereby dehumanizing strategies and organizations. No business strategy can afford to neglect emotional and psychological factors, because all strategies ultimately deal with people.

My mission is to bring the human perspective into organizations. I want to have a different conversation with leaders in organizations and offer them a different approach to strategy execution. Together we will  create a new practice that combines technical and psychological perspectives in a pragmatic and effective way. It is this winning combination that guarantees  strategies will succeed.”

Geert Vercaeren

Founder B15

Bio Geert Vercaeren

Geert Vercaeren is a senior business consultant, coach, author and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in leading complex business transformation, organization development and HR transformation projects.

He has worked in close partnership with many corporations, public institutions, venture capital, family businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises. Examples of the larger organizations he has worked for are BASF, Total, ExxonMobil, Shell, Cargill, GSK, UCB, Johnson & Johnson, Shire-Takeda, Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Nissan, BNP Paribas Fortis, SWIFT, Umicore, bpost, ENGIE, Deloitte, European Commission, etc.

Geert has taken up different leadership roles in leading consulting firms. During his 10 years at Deloitte, he was leading client projects, developing business and realizing significant growth of the Belgian consulting practice focusing on Strategic Change, Organization Transformation & Talent.

He graduated with distinction from INSEAD’s Executive Masters degree in Organizational Psychology, holds an MA degree as Commercial Engineer, and a Co-active® Coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute.

Geert’s mission is to work with leaders to solve their most critical issues by including human-centred strategies that work in their unique context. In all of his work, he starts his project from the challenge and ambitions at business level and in addition integrates psychologically informed approaches focusing on underlying motivational forces, deeper sources of energy and behavioural patterns. He strongly believes it is key to understand deeper motivations and resistance to change and to uncover and tackle the root of potential dysfunction rather than to simply deal with its manifestations.

In his recent research at INSEAD, he explored the challenges of human dynamics of collaboration within and between organisations and how to maximize the success of initiatives to get rid of silo-working, silo mentality by integration a functional and psychological perspective in a hands-on approach. Read more

Geert is founder of B15, a consulting company dedicated to humanizing strategies (

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